Neon Genesis Evangelion – Netflix to air classic anime

Have you ever heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion? In the world of anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered as one of the best classics. It has been noticed that Netflix is focusing more on Anime.

There are a couple of sick anime on Netflix like Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Bleach and Naruto. Recently, Netflix has noticed a huge anime audience in its database. Therefore, Netflix has decided to release Neon Genesis Evangelion to increase the anime success legacy.

Premiere Date For Neon Genesis Evangelion

An anime series, that was so popular 20 years ago is set to release on Netflix this year. To be precise, the show will premiere on 21st July 2019. 20 years ago, the show was released with one episode at a time. However, Netflix will release all the 26 episodes along with two movies on the same date.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was written and directed by Hideaki Anno. The show didn’t get much appreciation. As a result, it is also named as one of the shortest anime with only 26 episodes. Netflix will not only air the 26 episodes, but also two movies related to Neon Genesis Evangelion. The names of those movies will be Death True and The end of Evangelion. As an anime fan, I’m looking forward to watch the episodes after 21st July. Neon Genesis Evangelion

How to watch NGE episodes

Firstly, it’s not entirely true that the only way to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes is by purchasing a Netflix account. You can also download the episodes from various websites. But, you cannot trust so much on those websites.

They don’t seem helpful for watching all episodes with movies of anime efficiently. Considering that, Netflix will be the first website to release all of the episodes of NGE worldwide. This will probably result in an increase in the popularity of this anime.

Watch NGE all Episodes on NETFLIX

Another reason to watch the show is the controversial acclaim it received 20 years ago. The last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion controversial. Therefore, officials decided to conclude the ending in the movie “The end of Evangelion”.

All the episodes of anime and the movie will be aired on Netflix after 21st July 2019. We highly recommend you to watch the show even if you have to purchase a Netflix account.

Name of the showNeon Genesis Evangelion
Number of episodes26
WriterHideaki Anno
Release date (Netflix)July 21, 2019
GenreApocalyptic and psychological

Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 1 Ending

One of the best parts of this show is its plot. The plot of the anime is related to the war in the year 2015. A boy named Shinji Ikari is the main character. His dad approaches him to join the forces to fight aliens. As a result, Shinji takes part in the war against aliens. There are multiple deaths in the anime. So, it’s not for the kids. Shinji loses his best friend is one of those crucial deaths.

Is This the End?

The show ends with humans defeating angels. To be clear, angels are the alien’s forces in the show. Death of the last angel leaves Shinji questioning his own existence. The show then focuses on the deep meaning of humanity.

The best part of the show is the portrait of the characters. The writer – Hideaki Anno created the character based on a part of his personality. To be honest, Neon Genesis Evangelio is one of the most underrated anime of all time.

If you’re stuck between whether to purchase Netflix account to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, let us help you out. Go for it. Netflix includes many golds shows that you would definitely love to watch. June will be the showcase time for this show. Apart from that We also post about the best shows on Netflix. Also, keep visiting the article as it will be updated from time to time.

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