Rent a Boyfriend App

When someone is going through depression you will recommend them-Rent a Boyfriend App. Well most of us will tell that person to go out, meet people, and find a passion or hobby. But someone in Mumbai has found a rather weird way to help people out, at least that’s what he says. Let Us now know about the categories in which these boyfriends are divided. Also check here RABF rates in accordance with the category. and RABF App to cure depression

Let’s take a look at this contraption; oops! Creation by Mr. Kushal Prakash, a 29-year-old Mumbaikar, who has launched an app. The app is named Rent a Boy Friend or Rent a Boy-Friend. The emphasis is on the fact that this app will help people cure depression when they feel lonely by helping them have someone by their side.

Rent a Boyfriend App

Rent A Boyfriend App Features

Nevertheless, this app has a lot of attributes associated with it:

  • The app has selected around 65 models rated ‘A grade’, with most of them of the age group 20-26.
  • The models have undergone interviews and a structured selection procedure, judging them fit for emotional support.
  • A feature of the toll-free number to be available on the app for counseling from professionals.
  • A fine line has been defined between the word boy and friend. This essentially means that the relationship will not be a physical and private relation.

Platonic Policy of Rent a Boyfriend App

The relation will be more like a friendship where the depressed person is seeking some company and advice of someone who can help her out. The app doesn’t feature rent a girlfriend theme, which is already popular in Japan, USA etc. This is quite important because of the orthodox Indian society. But the kind of biased towards men can be a cause of the trouble.

Name of the AppRABF
Purpose of LaunchTo Cure Depression
Launched byMr Kushal Prakash
Launched in CityMumbai
Categories of Boy Friends3
RatesCelebrity: 3000 Rs/Hour
Models: 2000 Rs/Hour
Call: 400 Rs/Hour

RABF App Price Plans

Kushal Prakash says that he has been through depression and understands what its ramifications are, as such he wants to help young generation pan India to cope with depression and live healthily.

While his method seems unorthodox and may very well backfire but here are the monetary rates details about the services offered through Rent a Boy Friend App:

  • There will be three tier of the entire roster of people with 3 different pricing
  • The first tier will be celebrity tier, with the cost of Rs. 3000 per hour.
  • The second tier of the Boy Friends called models will cost up to 2000 per hour.
  • The third tier will be General public tier, where you can rent a boyfriend at Rs. 500 per hour.
  • Other than that, the counsel available on the toll-free number will also charge as much as Rs. 400.
  • Each Rented will earn the commission of 70 percent of the total cost.

That’s a huge money for uncertified but trained psychiatrists, but certainly, the idea is ingenious. The Ingenuity lies in the fact that the boy|friend rented will word counselorellor which usually charge a lot of money.

How to Download Rent A Boyfriend App

The app was launched on 15th of august, i.e. is on Independence Day on google play store and since then it has created plenty of hype. The app is one of the top trending app on google play store and its website:

Has been in the crash state since last 48 hours. To download, you must search for RABF on google play store. Although the app is available, but it has gone non-functional because of server failure.

A delicate path for RABF app

There is not much to say, but criticisms are pouring in which suggest why this idea can actually deteriorate mental health further. It is also said that renting a boyfriend is not an appropriate title since the depression state is not necessarily because of a love affair. There can be plenty of reasons for depression and if Rent a Boy Friend app is only targeting lovers than this app cashing on the insecurity of youngster and depressed girls which some marketers suggest has the ability to make you rich in no time.

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