Republic Day Speech 2019 For Students, Teachers

Republic Day Speech 2019: “The Government of the people, by the people and for the people”, is the definition of democracy that we hold high. The struggle for democracy was long and hard. It was on 15th August 1947 that we achieved Independence. But, we must not forget the cost of Independence that our predecessors fought for. To suffice this, various schools and institutes hold Republic day speech competitions and extempore. We are going to help you by listing some speeches for Republic Day Speech 2019.

Republic Day India

Republic day, for any Republic country, is a day of National Importance. The Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26th January. It was in 1950 that the Indian Constitution came into effect. The Constitution of declares India as a Sovereign, Secular and Republic state. For you to write a speech, you can derive ideas from the same. Let’s take a look at few Samples of Republic Day Speech 2019 below:

Republic Day Speech 2019

Good Morning/Afternoon everyone.

Since Independence, we all have exercised freedom and rights given to us by our country. But do we ever think how well we are exercising our duties? I, _______________(Name) of Class _______, will present to you a Republic Day Speech. Republic Day is the day of Honor and pledge. It was on this day that it was decided as to how Indians will govern India. The Democracy was established and the on January 26, 1952, the constitution of India came into effect.

Republic Day Speech 2019

After the Independence, the Constituent Assembly created a drafting committee. The Committee was headed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who went on to draft the Constitution of India. Since we already know the history, the importance of the Republic is not because of the Past. It is rather in the present world that we are dealing with. The word Republic means Equality. It Represents Fraternity and true essence of democracy. We the people of India should understand that even though we are 1.28 Billion people of varying caste, color or creed, it is in the unity in diversity what makes India truly Incredible.

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Republic Day Speech in English For Students

A Sincere Good Morning/ Afternoon to one and all present here.

I, _______________(Name) Studying in Class _______ is honored to present you a speech on Republic Day. As we all know that the Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January since it was on this day that the constitution came into effect. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his drafting committee were solely responsible for its creation. But did you know that this constitution governs the second largest population which means that the Constitution is the largest in the world?

Republic Day Speech 2019

Well, that was only a fun Trivia but the point I am trying to make here is that we, the people of India have been empowered. We are empowered by our predecessors who chose for us the way of Life of a Sovereign, secular and Republic Country. Each term is an embodiment of the strength of people and its impact on a country’s development. We, as the people of India, take Republic Day as Individual Sentiment. It is in our hands to destroy or to make our country.

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Republic Day Speech in English For Teachers

A Very Good Morning/Afternoon

Ladies and Gentleman, if I were to give a speech on Republic Day, words could fall short. The Republic day is National Holiday but it’s not a leave for all the 1.28 billion People who depend upon this fine country India. I ____________(Name) will prove this to you in my speech on 70th Republic Day.

Republic Day Speech 2019

If you ever look up for the meaning of the word Republic in a dictionary or make a casual google search, you will find that it means “the power bestowed in the people or supreme power held by people”. Being in a Republican State essentially means you are always working towards the development of your country. You use your right to vote to elect a representative. A representative of your locality and a representative for your state a representative for your country.

This is the power you all have, to choose who should see off to the development of your country. But with these powers come responsibilities. Such responsibilities constitute into duties that every individual must handle. If you look at all these points, you will realize that you are never on a holiday. You work, you steal, you talk, you live; in the Republic of India, it’s you who has to take care of the country first and then your family and then comes you.

What to take care of while writing a speech?

When you are writing a speech Never miss 3 parts:

  • The Introduction which has the most impact on how you present yourself and the Topic
  • The Conclusion which brings in the closure to what you want to convey
  • Also, The Middle body which should be clear and clean and spoken Eloquently.
  • A language Which everyone is able to understand and content that is easily graspable

If you could follow the above points we can assure you that the speech you write will be Precise and Powerful. That’s it from today’s topic Republic Day Speech 2019, keep visiting us for more.

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