So You Think You can Dance 2019- Season 16

There is a variety of dancing TV shows out there who let you test your mettle against others. Put under the category of Dance Competition Genre, these reality shows have an ardent viewership. Some shows have been running since the past decade. One such show is So You Think You Can Dance 2019. The season 15 ended recently and now we are wondering about season 16. There has been much speculation about the new season and we are here to clear the air. Well, some air at least

So You Think You Can Dance 2019

So You Think You Can Dance 2019 is the upcoming season for reality Dance Competition TV show of the same. It has successfully run for almost 15 seasons and is a prime time US tv show. It airs on Fox Network and is now due a new season. Although we have little details about that, for the sake of information we have some static info to share.

SYTYCD Season 16 show format

A typical season of SYTYCD begins with the selection process. In the selection process, open auditions are held in various cities around the US. Open auditions are fairly simple and you can appear as a solo, duo or as a group. They all are tested to be selected in the Academy. After that, the second round of selection involves callbacks. During callbacks, any contestant or group of them have to go back to back rounds on a random piece of music. Each round offers a different dance style. In front of a panel of judges, this process goes on until finalists are obtained.

Top 20 Finalists are then selected for the final round. Each week, performance episode and elimination episodes are aired where 1 or more participants are eliminated.

So You Think You can Dance 2019

So You Think You Can Dance 2019 Voting

One way to attract and involve viewers is through a voting platform. A Voting Platform helps in verifying viewership and portraying how well the show is performing. To vote in SYTYCD Season 16,

  • go to
  • Here you must have a Facebook account or working email id.
  • Login using that.
  • And you will be able to vote for your favorite participant in the show.

So You Think You Can Dance Contestants 2019

The new season for the show has not been announced. As such any detail about who all are the contestant for the show is unavailable. But fear not, we will update you with all the info as soon as the official details come through. Till then, you can always check out older seasons videos to get more idea about the show.

So You Think You can Dance 2019

So You Think You Can Dance Winner 2019

Presently, there is no such detail as to who has won the show or who will win the show. As such, we can only speculate until we get a list of participants. Once we have that, we can follow the polls and trends to predict a winner.

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Presenter for SYTYCD 2019 Season 16

Presenter Cat Deeley has been around since 2005. She has presented in every season since then and we can expect her to make comeback in season 16 too.

Will there be a Season 16 of SYTYCD?

For quite a while there has been much speculation as to when will the show return. Judging from the previous season, the new season will be announced in February 2019. Post that audition lines will be open in the month of March. But until that happens, nothing is official and we have to wait for official confirmations. One thing can be said surely, it won best reality show title twice, so a new season is definitely on its way.


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