How To Vote in super Dancer Chapter 3

Super Dancer Chapter 3 is the show to watch now. Specifically, we are going to provide you with details for Super Dancer 3 Voting. As this year Chapter 3 has begun. Voting is essential and important for analyzing the skills of contestants.

The voting polls and results tell us about whom the audience is liking the most. Here you will see details of Super Dancer Voting – Live and using Sony Liv app online.

Super Dancer is an Indian reality dance show on SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION which includes the performers of age 5-14. Super dancer is bumping out the best talent of children from all over India and contributing to finding the future of Dance.

Super Dancer Voting

The show has completed its 2  chapters successfully and chiseled the talent of many children.


Looking ForSuper Dancer 3 Voting
Season 3rd
Telecasting ChannelSony Tv
Voting ViaSony Liv App
Finale Voting TypeLive Vote

Super Dancer 3 Voting 2019

After completing 2 seasons, the super dancer is ready for chapter 3. About voting of chapter 3, speculation is that it will be quite the same as the first two seasons.

Although till now there is no official confirmation about when the voting process of chapter 3 starts, However, it will be probably the same way.

We are watching the show for the past 2 years and the voting method was online. So it is sure that this time also you are going to vote and save your favorite contestant by online voting only. The online voting consists of

  • Voting by app
  • Voting on Website

Let’s discuss the ways in details.

Voting App- Sony Liv

Voting for the Super Dancer is online. To vote your favorite super dancer you need to follow the following procedure :

  • Download the Sony Liv App from play store (android users) or app store (iPhone users).
  • Register on the app using your email id.
  • Now click on the super dancer.
  • Click the button “vote now”.
  • Now the list of contestants will be shown there.
  • You can vote your favorite contestant.
  • 25 votes can be given from a single email.
  • Now after voting submit your vote.
  • In this way, Super Dancer Voting for chapter 3 will be done.


Super Dancer 3 Voting

Super Dancer Online Voting 2019

  • You can simply go on the google and type Sony Liv.
  • Click on the first link shown.
  • Now follow the same procedure given above.
  • One additional thing you need to do is after clicking on the vote now, you need to submit your details like email, state, phone number etc.
  • Now you can submit your vote by clicking the submit icon.

And this is how you can vote your favorite contestant and make them win.

Super Dancer Voting

There are 7 contestants left in the show. Soon there will be voting. But you can also participate here in Voting polls for fun. choose your favorite contestant.

These are non-official voting polls. And of course, are designed for fun. So participate and let us know your love for your favorite participant.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Live Vote

The show has recently compiled its chapter 2 with huge success. And the winner of Chapter 2 is Bishal Sharma.

Finale was held on 24th March and this time it follows a different process of voting and that was Live Voting. During the performance of contestant voting lines was on and people from all over the nation can contribute toward the success of participant by voting live. And here Bishal Sharma won the hearts of country by maximum votes and won the show.

Similarly is going to happen in this season also. So be prepared for Live Voting in chapter 3.

Winners of the Super Dancer:

Therefore in all we would like to tell you guys that voting is important if you want to make your favorite participant win the show. And there are above-mentioned ways only to vote in the show. So, guys, this was all about the dancing show on Sony channel. We will update the whole Super Dancer 3 voting process here soon. Also, Super Dancer Voting Results will be published from time to time here. So keep in touch with us and visit the page. In case of doubt and query regarding voting, how to vote, chapter 3 other questions so you may ask us and comment below.

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