How to Vote in Superstar Singer

If you are reading this no doubt you are looking for Superstar Singer Voting Process. And if you are searching for the process that means you are definitely a Singing fan. And you want to know the steps to save your most favored contestant of yours in the new singing reality show- Superstar Singer from being evicted.

Hello ladies and gentleman, we welcome you here on newsbottom, where you can have all the answers to your questions. If you are feasting your eyes here for voting steps of top contestants then you are at the right place.

This show will include the voting process in order to conclude the show and have the ultimate superstar singer as a winner. The superstar singer is a singing reality show which is specially designed to have a young singing superstar similar to the super dancer.

This is the first singing reality show designed for kids on Sony entertainment television. The very first season of the show is going to telecast in the month of May 2019. At present auditions for superstar singer is going on. Soon with the finale of Super dancer, there will be the arrival of the first ever singing reality show Superstar singer. And then you must know about the whole voting and eviction procedure of the show.

In this article, we will provide you with the information of saving a contestant via casting your precious vote. Also, the process of voting in the show is explained here.

Superstar Singer Voting

If we talk about the format of season 1, then somewhere it will be similar to all other singing shows. Judges will have Superstar Singer audition round and then they will select top contestants in the show. These top contestants will compete with one another in every episode in order to win people hearts and popularity. So that they can have a higher number of votes. These votes will be the deciding factor of the fate of the particular contestant in the show.

Now you must be wondering “What will be the Superstar Singer Voting Process?”

So here are the ways of voting in context to your query.

  • Save the contestant by voting on Sony Liv App
  • Save the Contestant by voting on Website

Superstar Singer Voting

How To Vote using App

In the previous singing reality show- Indian Idol, we saw that Sony channel include Sony Liv app in order to cast the vote. Similarly was done in Super dancer’s previous Seasons. Most likely we are going to witness the same procedure to cast our vote in order to save out contestant from elimination as in super Dancer voting. If you are wondering how to vote using Sony Liv app then here we are with the answers.

  • You must have Sony Liv app on your android or ios device.
  • So go to the google play store and install the Sony liv app.
  • As you open the app for Superstar Singer Voting, you will see an option for Vote now on Superstar Singer Banner.
  • So click on that option.
  • After that, you will get an option to continue by registering yourself either by Google or by facebook.
  • Choose the desired option and make a move ahead.
  • You will see the list of contestants whom you can vote.
  • Select the contestant and vote for him/her by submitting it at the bottom.

How To Vote Online

The other way of voting is to vote online direct on the website. Yes, superstar singer online voting is also valid. The complete process to vote online is

  • Go online, and log on to
  • As soon as the website opens you will see the mark of Vote now.
  • Open that option of voting and again you will be asked to log in.
  • And the remaining way of voting will be the same as voting via App.

Superstar Singer Contestants Name 2019

The audition of contestants will be done in several phases. After the audition process, there will be the final audition round. And in the final round judges will select Top contestants. Thereafter these contestants will compete further. And now the competition will require voting online to have a winner. 

But before that, you should be introduced to the contestants of the very first season of Superstar singes. As soon as the show will start you will see the updated list of top contestants and their online voting polls here.

By now it should be clear that the only way to save your most favored contestant is casting your precious vote. Not in this show, in fact, every show is based on this phenomenon. Apart from that, we get to know about the various Superstar Singer Voting steps in this article. Depends on your feasibility, you can vote. 

Still, if you have any query regarding the process of voting you can ask us in the comment section and can follow us on Facebook at TV shows India for latest updates.

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