Survivor 2019 – Edge Of Extinction

Themed based competition reality show Survivor has renewed for next season i.e. 38th Season. It is one of the most loving shows of USA. As the show is derived from international game series- Swedish, the rules and format are almost similar. US version of Survivor 2019 is coming up with the 38th season as Survivor: Edge Of Extinction. Every season is head with a headline. This time it is Edge of Extinction. Let’s find out more hot topics related to the upcoming season.

Survivor: Edge Of Extinction

Survivor show this time has theme Edge of Extinction. Earlier through sources, the revealed theme was the Island of Extinction. So it is clear that the Extinction or eliminated contestants will be sent to the Island. It is now Edge of Extinction because the eliminated contestants will have the choice of going to the isolated island if they want to return to the game later. But on this island, they will have to undergo such treatment which may cause them serious issues. The contestants in the isolated island will be kept starving, that is without food, without shelters, and with no connectivity. So this island rightly justifies the theme Edge of Extinction.

Survivor Season 38

2019 is going to be of Edge of Extinction. Swedish series based Survivor will start with the same format like previous seasons. In last April 2018, Survivor announced its coming for 37th and 38th Season. The upcoming season is going to be premiered on 20th February 2019. The network will be same i.e. CBS. The show is based on surviving in undesired situations and earning immunity. There will be immunity tasks. And contestants will be divided into teams in order to perform and win the challenge.

Survivor 2019

Survivor 2019 is a reality show of competition from the United States. In this, the contestants are taken to an isolated location. There the contestants are required to survive while competing for rewards and immunity. Because here the contestants will have to compete in every challenge also they are required to have good relationships with other contestants as they may vote you out for elimination.

Survivor 2019


The show is produced by Mark Burnett, Charlie Pearsons, and Jeff Probst. The production companies for the upcoming season are Survivor Production LLC, Castaway Television Production, and MGM Television. The show is presented or hosted by Jeff Probst.

Survivor Air Date 2019

Survivor has already completed its 37 seasons and is about to start with the 38th Season now. The show is about to start in February and the expected date is 20th February 2019. The show timing will be 08:00 pm. And the show is likely to conclude in 1 hour that is 09:00 pm. Finally, for viewers, Wednesday’s will have some meaning again. Also, the show will end by mid-May 2019.

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Survivor Cast 2019

The contestants’ list will soon be updated officially, but the following contestants are rumored to be in the show. There will be 2 tribes and the contestants/cast will be divided among 2 tribes i.e. KAMA and MANU. And here are the contestants for season 38 in both the tribes.

Gavin WhitsonDavid Wright
Julie RosenbergKelley Wentworth
Aurora McCrearyChris Underwood
Eric HafemannKeith Sowell
Ron ClarkLauren O'Connell
Julia CarterWendy Diaz
Joe AnglimRick Devens
Victoria BaamondeDan Wardog Dasilva
Aubry BraccoReem Daly

Survivor Voting 2019

There will be voting system among the tribes. On the basis of that voting system, the eviction process will take forward. After every challenge, there will be vote out. and the person with the least votes will get evicted. So we are going to update live voting details of the survivor season 38 voting and vote out.


Survivor Finale Winner 2019

Survivor will have the finalized contestants after like 39 days. The winner of the show will get the title of Survivor and the cash prize worth USD 1 million. Also, other contestants will have the prize as follows:-

Position Cash Prize
First USD 1 million
Second USD 100,000
Third USD 85,000
All other contestants As per producers discretion


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