The Block Australia 2020 Applications, Contestants

Looking around for different TV shows to watch, we discover some fascinating concepts in Reality Genre. Reality can differ in multiple ways, but today we are bringing to you a show that involves complete management. Management of time, money, people, competition etc. One show that encompasses it all is the upcoming The Block Australia 2020. The show is all fun and competition and is looking for new contestants. Let’s dive into more details.

The Block Australia 2020

The Block Australia is an Australian reality TV show where as many as 5 couples join in as participants. Each couple is asked to renovate a separate House block. The total time given is 12 weeks and the total budget is  A$40,000. Contestants use the budget to renovate the house and make changes. After making the changes, the house is sold in an auction, and the one who grabs the highest bid is the winner.

This sounds fun! Right? It may be fun to watch but fun to do is a whole different story. If you want to be a part of that story, don’t stop reading. The show airs on Channel 9 and they have announced The Block Australia 2020, a brand new season.

The Block Australia 2020 Application

The application for The Block Australia Season 15 is now open and it is fairly easy to apply. But, also follow the requirements for the show;


  • You have to be an energetic and cheerful couple aged between 18-65. Higher The number of years you are married, more are your chances of selection.
  • If selected, you should be available for the shoot for 10-12 weeks starting mid or late January 2020.
  • It should be ok for you to leave your job or get leave for 12 weeks.
  • The application should get complete in all the aspects.
  • Only Australian Citizens can apply for the show.

The Block Australia 2020 Applications

How to apply for The Block Australia 2020?

  • To apply for the show, you can go to the application portal.
  • Once on the portal, You can apply for the show
  • Fill the application completely and submit the video in the given format.

The Casting for the show is over and the new casting date will be revealed in near future.

The Block 2020 Location

Usually, the Block TV show takes up old and dark hotels to renovate and as such same is done for 2019. The Site for the 2019 Block Australia is The Oslo Hostel, a backpackers destination. It is housed in a building in St. Kilda and was built in 1861. According to some sources, the show will work towards restoring the Building to its former glory.

The Block Australia 2020 Contestants

The contestants for the show will get reveal within some time. Right now, the casting call is being made and the application is being scrutinized. Once that is through, we will get the list of students.

Season 15 To look forward to

Season 15 of the show will be returning in 2019. One of the prime expect is the chosen site and the idea of restoring the heritage site. This will add a value to the show and will definitely raise the viewership. Furthermore, the Show will also generously reward the participants while adding a touch of humor and energy to the show itself.

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