The Red Line Casting Call CBS 2019

A new show has been announced by CBS Network. The show is looking for cast members and various auditions are going around America. While you are wondering how you can be the part of the show or what is the show about; we have got you covered. The Red Line Casting is currently active. Keep reading to know more about the show and casting details. Also in the article, we will reveal more details about when the show will premiere and what is the storyline. Let’s dive into more details.

What is The Red Line Show About?

The Red Line TV show is a new show on the CBS network. It is American Drama Series that was announced May 11, 2018. Currently, the Red Line Casting call is open and production will start soon.

The Red Line Plot

The Plot of The Red Line show revolves around a storyline where a white cop in Chicago mistakenly shoots and kills a black doctor. There are families associated with the case and the story is told from the perspective of all three. For us, the storyline sounds non-linear. This will create a sense of plotholes and viewers would like to use their minds to fill the gaps. Sounds fun! eh?

The Red Line Casting Call

The Red Line Casting

Some members have already been cast for the show. These members are essential to the storyline. The show is looking for more but for now, let’s know who all have joined the show.

Character Played By
Daniel Calder Noah Wyle
Tia Young Emayatzy Corinealdi
Paul Evans Noel Fisher
Ethan Young Howard Charles
Jira Calder-Brennan Aliyah Royale
Jim Evans Michael Patrick Thornton
Liam Bhatt Vinny Chhibber
Victoria “Vic” Renna Elizabeth Laidlaw

Below is the new cast details required by the Red Line Show.

The Redline 2019 Casting call for extra roles

The Show is looking for new members to be cast for specific roles. The details for the same are below:

  1. Benny Twins; Aged 5-6 (All Ethnicity)
  2. A role for African American, Ages: 18-75 (Male/Female)

The date of Casting call is 11 November 2018. CBS may look for more supporting and extra roles, just keep tabs on it.

The Red Line Casting Call

 Shooting Dates

The CBS is currently filming The Red Line and the shooting is bound to go till March 2020. For the roles mentioned above, the shooting can start at any time in 2019 preferably in the month of March.


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The Red Line Release date

The Red Line TV show will premiere in the month of October in 2019. This will be around the time all the major CBS shows are released. You wait for the official premiere date announcement. Let’s hope it doesn’t get late than that.

How will the show fair?

The show already has a plotline which will evoke and invoke plenty of emotions. Viz a crime drama politics, families getting edgy and life getting scattered and then brought back together; the show can bring in many flavors that have the potential to make it a success. Let’s limit our expectations and find everything out when the show is released next year.


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