The Voice Finalists 2018

The Voice Contestants 2018: Almost 5 weeks prior, we have started the 15th season with 54 artists. By the ongoing procedure of the show, now there left only top 8 contestants in the show. And soon we will see our The Voice finalists among these Top 8. The show is coming to an end. and we will have our another winner of The Voice. But it is not going to be easy. Before that, the artists/contestants have to go through the process of being finalists of the season 15. Here we go.

The Voice Finalists 2018

So, folks, this ain’t be wrong if we say this season is one of the best seasons of The Voice. Contestants made worth it. And certainly, these Top 8 contestants made it very special. But now here comes the time for The Voice 2018 Finalists. According to you who should be the finalists of The Voice. Finalists will be selected on the basis of the public vote through The voice Voting 2018. Also, coaches decision and votes will matter. The final decision will be made by combining the votes of public and coaches. Here are the finalists of The Voice 2018.

Top 8Top finalists
Chris KroezeTBD
Chevel ShepherdTBD
Kirk JayTBD
Kymberli JoyeTBD
Kennedy HolmesTBD
Makenzie ThomasTBD
Reagan strangeTBD
Sarah GraceTBD

Although these are top 8 artists, we will soon update the Top finalists of The Voice 2018.

The Voice Top 4 Finalists 2018

As the show will air on 11th December 2018, Monday. The artists will perform. On the basis of voting and coaches result Top 3 contestants will be selected for the finale. And among the remaining contestants, coaches will choose bottom 3 for Instant save option. Other contestants i.e. 2 contestants will get evicted from Monday episode. On Tuesday, remaining 3 contestants will perform and they will then have Twitter votes in order to be an instant save. After performances coaches will telly the results with twitter votes. And Instant save will be made. So the 1 contestant will enter the finalist list. Therefore 3 contestants will get safe on Monday and 1 on Tuesday. In this way will see our Top 4 finalists 2018.

The Voice Finalists

The Voice Semi-finalists performance

The Semifinalists i.e. Top 8 will perform in front of coaches and the motive will be same- To be in Finals. But unfortunately only 4 can make it upto the finals. And it will depend on the performances of Monday and Tuesday. So contestants have to gear up and have to give their best to be in finals. Folks be there to check Top 4 finalists of the season 15.

So this was all about the finalists of season 15 The Voice. In case you want to ask anything, you may ask in the comment section


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