Top Chef Season 16 Winner

There is a rush of reality shows nowadays, having a platform for different talents. So one of them is Chef’s competition or food making competition. Here is exactly the same American reality TV series named Top Chef. Top Chef is one of such show which gives the talented chefs a platform which can take their career to new heights. Here we will read about¬†Top Chef Season 16 Winner, grand finale result and all the elimination details of the contestants.

Top Chef Season 16 Winner

Top Chef started a decade ago on March 8th, 2006. The show has already completed its 15 seasons and now has started with the 16th season. The revelation of season 16 was done in October 2018 and Top Chef Season 16 started streaming on 6th December 2018. The show is already one third done with several eliminations.

Here we have all the details regarding the show Top Chef which includes Winner details, finale details, Top Chef Prize Money, etc. So you may continue reading here for the same.

Top Chef Season 16

This season started premiering on 6th December 2018 and the premiered network for the same is Bravo. This season is being filmed in Kentucky at Louis Ville and Lake Cumberland. The finale of Top Chef will be filmed in Macau, China.

The show will be hosted or presented by Padma Lakshmi. And for judging the taste, presentation, innovation and other minute details of Chef’s food there will be the panel of judges. So the panel of judges will include Tom Colicchio, Graham Elliot, and Nilou Motamed. Also, the regular judge Gail Simmons will give guest appearances as she is on maternity leave throughout the show.


Top Chef16 Contestants 2019

There are about 18 contestants who joined the show in the beginning. But as of now, 9 contestants are already eliminated and only 9 contestants are left. Here we have the list of all the contestants:

Contestants’ Name Residential Country Status
Eric Adjepong Washington, DC In
Sara Bradley Paducah, Kentucky In
Kelsey Barnard Clark Southampton, Alabama In
Edmund Konrad Philadelphia, Pennsylvania In
Michelle Minori San Francisco, California In
Nini Nguyen Brooklyn, New York Out
Brandon Rosen San Mateo, California Out
Kevin Scharpf Dubuque, Iowa Out
Caitlin Steininger Cincinnati, Ohio Out
Justin Sutherland St. Paul, Minnesota In
David Viana Asbury Park, New Jersey Out
Adrienne Wright Boston, Massachusetts In
Brian Young Boston, Massachusetts Out
Pablo Lamon Miami Beach, Florida Out
Natalie Maronski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Out
Carrie Baird Denver, Colorado In
Brother Luck Colorado Springs, Colorado Out
Jim Smith Montgomery, Alabama In

So these are the contestants who started with the show, and now only half of them are left.

Top Chef Winner 2019

Top Chef Season 16 Winner will be decided by the end of the show that is by the Top Chef Grand finale. Though the tough competition seems among the strongest contestants, like Adrienne Wright, Justin Sutherland, and Brian Young. But nothing could be indicated right now. This will only be finalized if the candidate passes each round with good margins and does not get eliminated.


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Top Chef 16 Grand finale

Top Chef Season 16 will soon have its grand finale for this season. Grand finale of any show is finalized for the last episode of the season. Same will be for Top Chef Season 16 Grand finale. So the show may have its grand finale anytime soon or in the month of March 2019.

Top Chef Season 16 Prize

The winner of Top Chef always takes home the title of Top Chef, which is already so valuable. But along with the title of the Top Chef, the winner also takes home the good cash prize. The prize money scheduled for this season is also $ 125,000.

Also, the winner gets the coverage in the magazine: Food and Wine and appearances in the same show, that is good and wine.

So for more updates about Top Chef Season 16 Winner stay tuned with us here.

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