US Navy Recruitment 2019 Application

For a country, its security is of prime importance. The sight of slavery, destruction, and condemnation is prevented by the men of valor and courage. These men, have the ability to make a decision that others cannot. Military, Airforce, Navy and Special Forces, all work to protect us from threats from every direction. But if you talk about formidability, a country’s strength lies in Its Naval Forces. And to join them, we today have for you the US Navy Recruitment 2019. Let us go into complete details.

US Navy Recruitment 2019

Before joining the US Navy, you will have to make sure you are eligible for it. There are two ways you can join US Navy:

  1. Enlisted Sailor
  2. Officer

Requirements/Eligibility for Enlisted Sailor and Officer

  • A High School Diploma or GED to enlist as Sailor. A Bachelor’s degree along with strong grades for Officers career.
  • Age between 17-39 for Enlisted Sailor and 19-35 for Officer.
  • You should be a legal US Citizen or a bonafide resident
  • In certain cases, you have to meet your financial obligation
  • No prior record of drug or alcohol abuse and no felony or crime in legal history.

Basic Obligations

  • You should commit to serving for at least 5 years if Enlisted as a sailor
  • Also, You should commit to serving for 3-5 years when you join as an officer
  • Attending A boot camp is necessary.
  • You will have to Officers Training school if you are entering as an officer.

US Navy Recruitment 2019

How to Apply in US Navy 2019?

The application for US Navy recruitment is fairly simple. You can easily apply online and Likewise can easily go for the interview, subject to Eligibility conditions. To apply for the US Navy, you should take care of the following steps:

  1. Go to the Homepage of the US Navy
  2. Next, hit on the apply button. The apply button will take you to create a profile page.
  3. Up next, Register and create a profile. Confirm this profile via email you submitted.
  4. Create a Username and Password and submit your application.

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Once you submit your application, you will have to wait for the recruiters call. A Navy recruiter will contact you and discuss the further process. Keep the following documents ready:

  • High School Diploma or Bachelor’s degree proof.
  • US Citizenship Proof
  • A Government Digital ID etc
  • Any other document the recruiter may specify.

Careers offered by US Navy

Through US Navy Recruitment 2019, you can take a look at a chance to following careers:

  1. Navy Mortician Careers
  2. Health and Support Careers
  3. Legal and Attorney Careers
  4. Aviation Careers
  5. Mechanical and Industrial Maintenance Careers
  6. Special Forces Career

The Payscale varies from $40,000 to $90,000. It can be more or less depending upon the number of years you give in to US Navy career.

US Navy: Forged with Sea

The tagline for US Navy, Forged with the Sea is a formidable one. People who join the Navy have heart’s of Lion since Career in Sea is one of the toughest careers. Equally rewarding, the career is challenging and puts the mightiest of people to their weakest. If you think you have the heart to be a part of it, go ahead and sign up for US Navy because this is where you belong.


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